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My name is Lewis Harrison,



If you are seeking to reduce unnecessary stress while increasing efficiency, effectiveness and productivity then our team of stress management service providers and experts have what you’ve been looking for.


Back in 1987 I was working as an event planner, and content rich motivational speaker. Often my associates in HR, sales and marketing would complain about how difficult it was to find stress management services to meet the specific needs of their team members.

They knew stress management was important to building and sustaining an effective organization yet they also  found that groups within their company seemed to have unique needs that no one specific approach could  address.

I realized that there had to be a way to create a service model to address this uniqueness.


At that time I reached out to a number of experts in segments  of the stress management industry and we decided to form the “Stress Management Masters Group”.

Back in 1987 we had no idea that we were creating a service model that would be considered “cutting edge thinking” in the 21st century. What created back then is now known “Collaborative Solution Based Thinking”.

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Simply Put….



Out of this meeting in 1987 The “Stress Management Masters Group”  (SMMG) came into existence. SMMG  is one of the only  companies in the United States that can offer your organization speakers, trainers, facilitators, corporate chair massage, executive retreats and so much more.

  • Speakers:  Offering tips, techniques and strategies for reducing unnecessary Stress.
  • Body/Mind: Creative visualization, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), collaborative problem solving, On-site Corporate Chair Massage, Gamification based team building.
  • Retreats: We own our own retreat center in the NorthWestern Catskill Mountains. Just 3 1/2 hours from NYC and 75 minutes from Albany International Airport.
  • Holistic Copywriting: We have an award winning writing team that can help put your unique company vision into words.  We take the stress out of writing blogs, articles and even website company and can make what you have to offer stand out.


I have spent four decades in human resources,  hospitality,  and the in events  and meeting planning speaking to  leaders, administrators, decision makers and their support teams and staff to relax.
A former member of MPI (Meetings Professionals International) and a Past President of the New York Chapter of the National Speaker’s Association (NSA).  I was the chairperson  of  NSA’s National Wellness Experts Group.

I am a the author of 16 books.on business, human potential and personal development


I also host of  a weekly radio show that addresses corporate wellness issues “Ask Lewis” at NPR affiliated,  WIOX Radio 91.3 FM in New York.


In my customized and personalized presentations I goes beyond ordinary approaches to stress management by integrating game based thinking; gamification, decision science; and “intuitive strategic tools”.

I and my team of experts help individuals and organizations build high-performance, motivated and inspired cultures based not on traditional “best practices” modeling alone but by integrating collective intelligence, game based thinking and the best research on stress management.




This is what our peers say about us:

” The depth of his knowledge and his ability to communicate concepts effectively is wonderfully insightful and impressive. “

   Jean Miller, D.O. Director  – Body/Centered Medical Center


“Lewis Harrison is amazing…. I recommend this man to anyone who wants less stress and more energy.”          

Jack Canfield Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“If you are looking for content rich motivational speakers, facilitators, or trainers for your event you need to hire my team of business and stress management experts.”

Lewis Harrison


“If you are looking for content rich motivational speakers, facilitators, or trainers for your event you need to hire my team of business and stress management experts.”

Lewis Harrison


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Here is a short interview of Lewis concerning his work with Award winning Journalist Phyllis Haynes


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