Wellness Coaching

I love helping people to create happiness and contentment.

I have been blessed…My hobby is creating effective life strategies and problem-solving.

I’ve had this great hobby and this fulfilling career for over forty years…I get an idea and in my spare time I convert it into books, articles, blogs, and YouTube videos.


Do you need some tips for making more productive and mindful choices?  Maybe you need someone to take you by the hand, as I have been taken by the hand by my mentors, inch by inch and step by step, and lead you from the darkness into the light of what new ways of thinking can do to make your life more effective, productive and successful. Once you complete the retreat, I will give you the resources necessary to get to the next level.

Through my wellness coaching tools, tips, and techniques you will learn simple ways to create a healthier lifestyle, improve your quality of life, and a new way of thinking.

This will not require much effort, only your intention. I promise you that this will be a motivating, inspiring, informative and fun process.

Let’s talk…I can help you to say what it is that you need to say.

Call me at 212-724-8782 or email and LewisCoaches@gmail.com


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