I love helping people put their ideas into words.

I have been blessed…My hobby is blog writing and my career of choice has been writing as well

I’ve had this great hobbyfor over a decade  and this fulfilling career for over forty years…I get an idea and in my spare time I convert it into books, articles, blogs, and businesses. Then I go back to work and convert the ideas of my clients it into books, articles, blogs, and more business.

Are you confused and overwhelmed by this whole blogging thing? Let me make it easy for you – A blog, a shortening of the term web log is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and usually consisting of short  entries (“posts”) usually displayed in reverse chronological order with the most recent post appearing first. A blog may be the work of a single individual, a small group, or “multi-author blogs” (MABs) with posts written by large numbers of authors and professionally edited. An example of a MAB would be the Huffington Post. A blog may  cover a single subject or a wide range of subjects such as my own blog at

With SEO your content rich-blog has as much of a chance of getting wide distribution as newspapers and other blog producing outlets such as  other universitiesthink tanksadvocacy groupsyou’re your business competitors.

With the rise of  Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other “microblogging” systems you can link your blogs into societal newstreams and other on-line social networks including Blogging communities and directories

Several online communities exist that connect you to many other  blogs and  to other bloggers,

My copywriting and blogging services can help you build social relations with your potential clients and other bloggers in the Blogosphere. (The collective community of all blogs).

Let’s talk…I can help you to say what it is that you need to say.

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