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I love helping people put their ideas into words.

I have been blessed…My hobby is writing and my career of choice has been writing as well

I’ve had this great hobby and this fulfilling career for over forty years…I get an idea and in my spare time I convert it into books, articles, blogs, and businesses. Then I go back to work and convert the ideas of my clients it into books, articles, blogs, and more business.

Article marketing is one of the most effective ways of lwtting people know what you have to offer. There are two primary types of articles on the internet;
1. Writing articles which you post on your own website,

2. External article marketing, where you post articles on free article websites or on a very popular or prestigious site, such as the Huffington Post.


Obviously, getting an article published on a famous website like the New York Times, CNN or the Huffington Post is more difficult and also much more prestigious than simply posting an article on a free site.  External article marketing was once such a powerful technique for driving targeted traffic to a website that many internet marketers used it exclusively.  This is no longer the case today.  Still, any effective SEO campaign needs to include some article marketing, especially quality articles posted around the web and on your own website.

I know the most popular article sites with the most traffic and can integrate essential key words into your article content

Let’s talk…I can help you to say what it is that you need to say and get out into the web.

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