Lewis Harrison the “RealUGuru” Worked with Donald Trump Up Close.

It all started with a phone call in 2002.


It was my friend Harry. Harry was an executive at the Learning Annex, the continuing education company that was known throughout the United States  and which had been an element of endless television shows including Sex and the City.


“Lew”, Harry said, “We are organizing a bunch of Wealth and Real Estate Expos in major cities throughout the United States and Canada and we would like you to be part of our team.


“What is involved” I asked?


“The expo has 3 components”, he said. “Keynote speakers, 100-200 Exhibit Booths

and over 50 Seminars. We expect over  45,000 attendees.


And so it was. I was brought in with my company Events Chair Massage – www.eventschairmassage.com. I was placed in the VIP area handling customer service and offering various stress management approaches to the attendees.

I did not work for Donald Trump as many people assume, I worked with him. I also worked with George Foreman, Dr. Alan Greenspan (Live via Satellite), David Bach, Barbara Corcoron from “Shark Tank”, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad author), Ervin Magic Johnson, Former Vice President Al Gore, Oprah’s Suzy Orman and many other celebrity speakers. The networking was incredible and I was often asked to personally offer my stress management tips to the speakers. In fact Jack Canfiled ultimately wrote the introduction to my best selling book “Healing Depression Naturally”.

It was a great experience and I was able to use and expand my business and wealth and success coaching and mentoring skills as I worked with:

  • Developers • Lenders • Real Estate Agents • Brokers • Property Managers • Attorneys • REITS  • Banks • Home Inspectors
  • Moving Companies • Credit Card Companies • Home & Community Builders
  • coffee franchises • investment opportunities • preconstruction co.s

And literally thousands of Real Estate Investors!

Over the next four years I traveled all over the country with Mr. Trump and the team as we went city to city as part of the Learning Annex Real Estate Wealth Expos




It was a bit of a traveling circus. I often attended planning meetings, did a bit of trouble shooting and often spoke to the speakers including Mr. Trump when they needed to solve logistical challenge. Ultimately Bill Zanker the director of the Expo co-authored a book with Mr. Trump and I became part of the wealth building “One Minute Millionaire Tips” video series developed by learning annex.


From there I became President of the New York Chapter of the National Speaker’s Association and ultimately a national network radio talk show host at WIOX Radio 91.3 FM in NY.


People always asked me what it was like working with him. Though he was certainly self-confident, even  ab8t arrogant, he was always pleasant to talk to and I learned a lot from him especially concerning how to build business momentum and keep in going.


He never seemed to be one for consensus.  People often ask me if I think he would make a good President? I say not likely. Aside from his political positions the fact is that he never seemed to be one for consensus and it seems to me that that is an important quality for any leader.


There is one more thing. Mr. Trump has constantly harped on Hillary Clinton’s speaking fees. We paid him $1 million dollars per speech per city!


Lewis Harrison is a wealth and success consultant known as the RealUGuru. He is a best-selling author and consultant and broadcasts daily on Periscope. Learn more about him at http://www.RealUGuru.com

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