What is the Meaning of Life?

Someone asked me why I write 15-16 hours a day.

Basically it is my passion.


I have often heard it said that one must have a meaning to one’s life in order to be happy. I have thought of all this often over the years and have come to believe, though not conclusively, that it is a personal choice for each of us to give something significant meaning; and yet, it is what we give meaning to that is essential to our sense of self.  On the Wisdom Path there is a often a natural quest for spirituality, and in this quest we have given meaning to our cultural, ethnic, and religious roots in ways that we have not even thought of before, or possibly might even have rejected outright.

No matter whom we are and what we choose to do, we all give meaning to people, places, and things.  But what really is “meaning?” Is anything more than a reflection of how we think and function?

Obstacles define much of what goes on in our lives.  We function day to day pretty much automatically, and then suddenly we experience an obstacle, often associated with some physical or psychological discomfort.  It might be a red light that causes us to hit the brakes on our car.  It might be walking up the steps of a non-functioning escalator or a long line at the post office.  When things, events, or people limit our freedom, these “obstacles” take on meaning.  We also are drawn to things of great beauty, sensuality and elegance.  These things also have meaning.  So as you can see, to notice something in our lives, is to give that thing meaning.  If it had no meaning, would we even notice it?

What does it mean for something to have meaning? Does the ‘meaning’ have to have a particular quality or quantity to it? Does it need to be a profound meaning or will any sense of meaning do? How would I even know if something had more than a superficial meaning? What makes something significant? What is the link between a life of meaning and significance and a Wisdom Mind? If something has meaning to me, whether good or bad, is it a ‘meaning’ because it reinforces my sense of being and nothing more than that?”

The question we may need to ask is: “Is meaning already there waiting for us to notice or are we an empty vessel waiting for meaning to fill us?  Writing Blog post helps me explore the question.



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