A Tip on How to Use Your Website reports for For Better SEO

Most people automatically go to “Google” to look up information. Many marketers often think the same way but this may not be the wisest approach to SEO. Just imagine how crowded the market place is?

Yes. Large search engines generate plenty of traffic through keywords if you know how to use them. The key is to use your website reports (especially a referral log) to see how many website visitors reach your site as a result of using search engines and directories.


Lewis Harrison’s Blog Writing Service

A Blog is a short  web log – a discussion or informational site published on the internet. (the World Wide Web) and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”). Most business blogs are 400 – 500 words in length. Though many blogs are written and posted on business websites one need not have a website to write and post blogs.

The amazing thing is that is it free to post a blog.

Blogging has become such a mania that a new blog is being created every second of every minute of every hour of every day. You can get people to actually read your blog’s content and deem it valuable or noteworthy through SEO or search engine optimization.

Are you missing out on the most cost effective marketing tool of the last century?

Lewis Harrison, a successful entrepreneur and an ITEX member for over twenty years is an expert at SEO and a master blog writer.

He can teach you how to create your own blogs or write them for you.

Lewis will show you how to

  1. Carve out a niche.
  2. Drive traffic to your blog?
  3. Focus on your industry and optimize your blog posts around specific industry key phrases.
  4. Define which keywords you would like to rank high for and concentrate on creating content around them.
  5. Demonstrate your thought leadership in that subject and reach out to fellow experts.
  6. Attract traffic to your blog by having you answer questions that your customers are frequently asking (e.g. in the way we are doing with this post!).

The cost for Lewis’ blog writing and posting is an industry standard 75 cents in trade per word (300 word minimum).

Learn more about what Lewis has to offer at www.LewisHarrisonCopywriting.com or call him at 212-724-8782

Lewis Harrison is an internet marketer, blog writer and has a team of low cost top notch website designers and marketers.