Priority Planning and Copywriting

When creating a effective marketing plan the key is to get clear concerning the message you want to send to your perspective customers and apply the language needed to get and hold their attention.

Begin by focusing your resources on achieving the results you want. By making effective choices when faced with increasing demands and responsibilities selecting the right tasks, at the right time will eliminate unnecessary struggle.

Part of the process is to understand the strategic direction of your business and create an effective plan for execution.

Effective priority planning will require that you have systems in place for doing Continue reading

The Essence of Language

I have always had an interest in the exploration of how we use the use language to create a new reality.

Definition: Language – The human capacity for complex symbolic communication through the organization of words and non-verbal cues.


STUDENT: Aside from any genetic predisposition of humans, why did language develop?

LEWIS: The prevailing view among many Linguists and Evolutionary Anthropologists is that Continue reading